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-Are subject to variations in color and texture as well as reactions to extreme changes in temperature. Please store all SkinWorthy products in a cool/dry place. Avoid exposing products to extreme heat or cold.

-Do Not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, Polyphenol (PEGs), Phthalates, Artificial Colorants or Fragrance, Phosphates, or Petroleum Distillates.

-Are Not tested on animals and Do Not contain animal-derived ingredients.

-Are manufactured following "current Good Manufacturing Practices" which refers to FDA regulations regarding the manufacturing, testing and quality control of pharmaceutical and food products

Allow this nutrient dense hydrating must to rehydrate & brighten your skin.

Ingredients: Rose Water, Neroli Distillate, Aloe Leaf Juice, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract, Grape Seed Extract,Willow Bark Extract, Licorice Extract, Goji Berry Fruit Extract, Coffee Seed Extract, Orange Oil, Potassium Sorbate.